I am a two year old Pomeranian puppy who was rescued by my beautiful  forever parent Sally.

My incredible story is going to soon be the subject of a major motion picture based on the best selling book called “Lola’s Great Escape”

(We are also casting for two dogs, a yellow lab and one more dog of any kind, as long as the doggy has character.) So, if you would like your dog to be famous contact us.

My story is a true adventure that you must read yourself and also read it to your kids. They will love it. You can preorder the book by just going to the shopping cart.

It’s a story of survival from a plane crash in northern Canada and about my escape from some very bad people and some very bad situations, like the time I had a fight with a grizzly bear and a rattlesnake and lived to tell the tale.

It’s also a love story about Sally and how she risked everything for me and how she found true love as well.

All of the products on this PUPPY LOVE website have been personally tested by me and they are great. I guarantee it.

So please join the thousands of other dog lovers on the PUPPY LOVE web site and in our community. (Make sure you join the “PUPPY LOVE CLUB”) and get great savings. We would also love to hear of your doggies adventures and we will post them on this site.

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Love you all.


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