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The PUPPY LOVE CLUB is an international social club for all people who love their pets and who want to have fun for themselves and their pets.

We are proud to announce that we are in the preliminary organizational stages of creating a puppy love global sporting event that will be like an olympics for dogs. But unlike other events like the CRUFTS AGILITY CHAMPIONSHIPS we have introduced a twist to these events. BOTH the dog and the owner have to do the events!

$10,000 “Puppy Love” Contest

Have some fun with us. Listen to this song and write some lyrics that tie into the title of the song “Puppy Love”.  Record your lyrics and send them to us or post on Instagram and tag @puppyloveinternational.  The most popular version selected by our viewers will win $10,000 USD and a recording contract where you will receive residuals from the song.

Can you imagine the fun, comedy, hilarity, as both owner and pet try to tackle the events? The WATER LONG JUMP, The one-mile Obstacle course, THE MUD CRAW, and many other events.

As a PUPPY LOVE CLUB registrant, your pet can be registered in this incredible event that will be broadcast globally by WIN TV.

Stay tuned for more news.

Also, when you register as a PUPPY LOVE club member you will have certain advantages over non-members. Think of PUPPY LOVE CLUB as a COSTCO for pets.

Here are just some of the advantages:

1. You can buy at wholesale prices when you buy in bulk

2. The PUPPY LOVE CLUB is also a social club of people who love their pets. We will be organizing social events from around the world trips, conventions, cruises, competitions, contests, and making special PUPPY LOVE social events where everyone that is a member can attend.

3. Great savings and special deals when we can find them we will pass them onto you.

4. Special access to our PUPPY LOVE CLUB veterinarians and pet hospital.

5. Special pet insurance for your pet to offset those unexpected medical and vet bills.

6. Participate in our giving back program where we will support various pet agencies that do good work around the world.

7. Special invites to film premiers that feature our animals from PUPPY LOVE CLUB members.
And much more.

So, click on the link and join today.